Daniel Woods 「Box Therapy」V16/5段+ 初登


Daniel Woods/ダニエル・ウッズ

Rocky Mountain National Parkにて

「Box Therapy」V16/5段+を初登しました。



Tommy Caldwell/トミー・コールドウェルが初登した

「Spread Eagle」V11をSDにした課題で手数もあるハードな課題。



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Box Therapy FA 8C+ ✅♠️ ————————————— 91 miles hiked over 7 days 10,400 ft (3169 m) elevation multiple 35 F degree (1C) and below days with wind… condis 🤤 18 moves out a 50 degree roof micro holds that make your pulleys feel like they are gonna pop after every attempt snowstorms ❄ feeling close but continue the waiting game 🤯 convince myself it is over… too much snow and ice mother nature blesses me with a window 🙏 psyche is rekindled anxiety creeps in to get the job done last day best day zone state entered im on cloud 9 . Shout out to @fausey, @tchadx, and @james_lucas for walkin their asses back there just to support… ive got some A+ friends 😊 photo @james_lucas

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